2021-07-11 Gothic Side of Metal

Paradise LostPunishment Though Time
MoonspellA Dying Breed
TiamatThe Sun Also Rises
My Dying BrideA Thorn Of Wisdom
TherionMon Amour, Mon Ami
The 69 EyesJerusalem
CharonShe Hates
CrematoryRavens Calling
Mono Inc.This Is The Day
If These Trees Could TalkSwalling Teeth
KatatoniaLast Song Before The Fade
Type O NegativeSome Stupid Tomorrow
End of GreenChasing Ghosts
SentencedMay Today Become The Day
DraconianThe Wretched Tide
AnathemaYou're Not Alone
EntwineLost, But Still Alive
Lake of TearsRaven Land
The Vision BleakThe Ghost In Me
PoisonblackDeath By The Blues
Virgin BlackMidnight's Hymn