2021-04-07 Gothic Side of Metal

HelevornOnce Upon a WarAamamata
SinamoreEverything Endsseven Sins A Second
EvergreyIn The Absence Of SunEscape of The Phoenix
DraconianSleepwalkersUnder a Godless Veil
The ForeshadowingColoniesSecond World
TiamatThe Scarred PeopleThe Scarred People
EvanescenceFar From HeavenThe Bitter Truth
Lacrimas ProfundereThe Kingdom SolicitudeBleeding The Stars
The Man-Eating TreeThe VesselIn The Absence Of Light
Rotting ChristThe RavenThe Heretics
Ava InferiThe Living EndOnyx
My Dying BrideA Purse Of Gold And StarsMacabre Cabaret
Paradise LostHallowed LandDraconian Times (25th Anniversary Edition)
Poisonblack Maybe Life Is Not For EveryoneLyijy
Trees Of EternityHour Of The NightingaleHour of the Nightingale
DarkseedTorn To ShattersPoison Awaits
KatatoniaHeart Set To DivideCity Burials
AnathemaEndless WaysThe Optimist