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MoonspellWithout RuleHermitage
Harakiri For The SkyTime Is A GhostMaere
EvergreyYouEscape of the Phoenix
God Is An AstronautIn FluxGhost Tapes #10
The ForeshadowingSecond WorldSecond World
EarthshineShadows On The WallMy Bones Shall Rest Upon The Mountain
Lake Of TearsIn Wait And In WorriesOminous
Jari LindholomDerelictTrajectories
EmpyriumThe Wild SwansÜber den Sternen
Helalyn FlowersSuicidal BirdsSuicidal Birds
Larkin PoeRockin' In The Free WorldKindred Spirits
FolkrimNightfallTales Of Tumult (EP)
Varang NordUperiesonaPārķiuņa Uomurs
EinherjerDreamstormDragons of the North (remastert)
The VillionsTo The World That EndsMemories Of Scent
Isolation AngelsTokyo RisingTwenty Thirty Five
White Snake Of Blackened MazeThe KingBy The Rivers Of Heresy