2021-02-10 Schwarz halt

MandylionDes Winters weiße PrachtVampire's Love
Snow White BloodShared HeartsHope Springs Eternal
XandriaSave My LifeNow And Forever
The PussybatsMiss PurgatoryMiss Purgatory (EP)
Paradise LostUnreachableIn Requiem
Visions Of AtlantisThe SecretTrinity
ReptyleWhere I Come FromConsequence
Silke Bischoff vx. AtrocityBlue MoonVampire's Live
The MissionBelladonnaGod is A Bullet
The 69 EyesNever Say DieAngels
Lacrimas ProfundereCome, SolitudeAve End
Theatre Of TragedyForever Is The WorldForever is The World
Virgin BlackRequiem, KyrieRequiem: Mezzo Forte
Therion Gothic KabbalahGothic Kabbalah
The Vision BleakThe Eldrich BeguilementThe Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey
Scream SilenceDownfallenApathology
TristaniaDestination DeparatureIllumination
SchöngeistMein Herz brichtLiebeskrieger
KrypteriaAll Systems GoBloodangel's Cry
Leaves' EyesMorgenlandNjord
Lacuna CoilTo The EdgeKarmacode
SamaelSuspented TimeSolar Soul
KatraPromise Me EverythingBeast Within
SireniaMy Mind's EyeNine Destinies And A Downfall
NightwishSleeping Sun (Live)End Of An Era
ImperiaMirrorQueen Of Light
Jesus On ExtasyAssassinate MeHoly Beauty