2019-08-20 Metallurgie

Rotting ChristNocis Era
Rotting ChristNekron lahes...
Hanging GardenTen Thousand Cranes
Anno DominiEvanescent
AhabThe Giant
Before the DawnSanctuary
If These Trees Could TalkBerlin
KatatoniaThe Night Subsciber
HelevornGoodbye, Hope
And Also the TreesYour Guess
Swallow the SunStone Wings
Long Distance CallingBlack Paper Planes
Trees of EternityBlack Ocean
Barren EarthHowl
Nailed to ObscurityTears of the Eyeless
DarkendIl Velo Delle Ombre
InsomniumWinter's Gate, Part 4
DraconianDusk Mariner
Mors Principium EstInto the Dark