2019-02-12 Rockhouse

The OceanThe Carboniferous Rainforest CollapsePhanerozoic I: Palaeozoic
The OceanOrdovicium: The Glaciation of GondwanaPhanerozoic I: Palaeozoic
Dream TheaterFall Into The LightDistance Over Time
Rotting ChristHeaven & Hell & FireHeaven & Hell & Fire
AmorphisFrom The Heaven Of My HeartSkyforger
AmorphisDaughter Of HateQueen Of Time
My Dying BrideA Cold New CurseFeel The Misery
DunkeltraumKomm, schlaf mit mirAlpha
Swallow The SunThe Crimson CrownWhen A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light
BaronessThe Iron BellPurple
HelevornUnifiedCompassion Forlorn
EvergreyA Silent ArcThe Atlantic
Swallow The SunUpon The WaterWhen A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light
HelevornDelusive EyesCompassion Forlorn
EvergreyAll I HaveThe Atlantic
SentencedHer Last 5 MinutesThe Funeral Album
InsomniumWhile We SleepShadows Of The Dying Sun
The CureLullabyLullaby