2018-12-04 Gothic Side of Metal

NightwishMaster Passion Greed
DraconianRivers Between Us
Trail of TearsPath Of Destruction
Swallow the SunAutumn Fire
My Dying BrideI Almost Loved You
If These Trees Could TalkThe Giving Tree
The Man-Eating TreeDeath Parade
Exit EdenImpossible
The ForeshadowingTwo Horizons
TiamatRadiant Star
Lacrimas ProfundereMy Mescalin
Trees of EternityBroken Mirror
Novembers DoomThe Memory Room
SireniaAshes To Ashes
Theatre of TragedyA Nine Days Wonder
Paradise LostMedusa
Ava InferiBy Candlelight & Mirrors
Dark the SunsWalking With An Angel
SentencedEnd Of The Road