2018-11-06 Gothic Side of Metal

NightwishYours Is An Empty Hope
EvanescenceThe End Of The Dream
Paradise LostNo Passage For The Dead
Within TemptationSilver Moonlight
TiamatDo You Dream Of Me?
Theatre of TragedyThe Breaking
Type O NegativeTripping A Blind Man
Lacuna CoilThe House Of Shame
MoonspellScorpion Flower
AnathemaOne Last Goodbye
AntimatterLeaving Eden
EpicaArchitect Of Light
The Man-Eating TreeBreathe Emptiness
My Dying BrideA Thorn Of Wisdom
SireniaOnce My Light
After ForeverCry With A Smile
The GatheringParalyzed
DraconianDusk Mariner
HIMDrawn & Quartered