2018-05-16 Dark Impressions

All EndsRoad To Depression
Dark the SunsDon't Fear The Sleep
DarkseedBlack Thorne
Dimmu BorgirChess With The Abyss
EdenbridgeFurther Afield
End of GreenUnder The Sway
Mono Inc.Why Can't I
EpicaThis Is The Time
Golden ApesLiebartion (Hieros Gamos)
SchöngeistSonne der Nacht
KatangaI'm Gonna Die For You
ImperiaOut Of Sight
KatraOne Wish Away
MandylionKaltes Herz
The Man-Eating TreeOut Of The Wind
SerenityFar From Home
ShadowgardenWith Love And A Bullet
SireniaFallen Angel
Theatre of TragedyBeauty In Deconstruction
TherionSitra Ahra
Shadow's GreyWorld Collapse