2018-03-28 Dark Impressions

VNV NationControl
Inkubus SukkubusDance Of Death
Dreadful ShadowsDead Can Wait
Still Patient?Anavryn II
Lost AreaWhen Darkness Falls
Psycho LunaFeenpfad
UntotenDie Out By The Sea
And Also the TreesThe Sleepers
Type O NegativeSome Stupid Tomorrow
The Sisters of MercyBlack Planet
Fields of the NephilimAnd There Will Your Heart Be Also
VNV NationFrom My Hands
The Birthday MassacreWithout You
Christian DeathHaloes
London After MidnightPure
Killing JokeNew Cold War
LacrimosaDer leise Tod
Love Like BloodPainkilling Suicide
The MissionCan't See The Ocean For The Rain
The 69 EyesBlackbird Pie
VNV NationNova
The CureLullaby