2018-03-14 Metallurgie

Exit EdenImpossible
Omega LithiumColossus
TacereDeep Tears Of Tragedy (Live)
Arch EnemyDay You Died
NeverstarDrown The Shadows
The Dark ElementThe Ghost And The Reaper
VuurThe Fire - San Francisco
MizantropiaFragments Of The Void
EthsVae Victis
CadaveriaDeath Again
OtepGeneration Doom
Walls of JerichoReign Supreme
HalestormI Hate Myself For Loving You
Arch EnemyFirst Day In Hell
The AgonistFaceless Messenger
Kobra And The LotusYou Don't Know
Seven KingdomsThe Faceless Hero
Battle BeastLost In Wars
Secret RuleEmpty World
Unleash The ArchersFrozen Steel