2016-12-21 Dark Impressions

Damnation AngelsReborn
De/Vision feat. Crystin FawnBrotherhood Of Man
Eclipse Sol-AirSchizophilia
HeimataerdeZwischen den Sternen
EnvinyaInner Silence
Eternal Tears Of SorrowDance Of December
Gates Of DawnThe Silence Makes You Scream
Golden ApesWhite Days
In Strict ConfidenceArchangel
Krystal SystemParasites
Helalyn FlowersWhite Me In Black Me Out
TiamatRadiant Star
MegaherzGegen den Wind
In This MomentScarlet
Liv KristineVanilla Skin Delight
Letzte InstanzVon Anfang an
Lovelorn DollsSave Me From Myself
Midnight CaineHeavy Heart
Mirrored In SecrecyEverything I Hate
MoonspellA Greater Darkness
Paradise LostThe Glorious End
The 69 EyesIf You Love Me The Morning After
SerenityRoyal Pain
Silent ScreamSpirit Invocation
The Last CryBroken Hearts
The Murder Of My SweetArmageddon
The NightchildThe Mischievous Cat From Mars
To/Die/ForRaving Hearts
Trail Of TearsScream Out Loud
Visions Of AtlantisHypnotized
AlestormOver The Seas
DelainBreath On Me
End Of GreenDe(Ad)generation
Lacrimas ProfundereMy Release In Pain
Leaves' EyesHell To He Heavens