2016-01-26 Dark Impressions

Subway To SallyIns Dunkel
ZeraphineBe My Rain
Goethes ErbenDer Eissturm
Inkubus SukkubusShadows In The Darkness
The Birthday MassacreThe Other Side
Mono Inc.If I Fail
ASPHimmel und Hölle (Kreuzweg)
L'âme ImmortelleMy Memory
ErdlingEs ist Zeit
Emilie AutumnHow Strange
Lacfrimas ProfundereA Sigh
VNV NationFrom My Hands
The Sisters Of MrcyVision Thing
The MissionSweet Smile Of A Mystery
Diary Of DreamsDie My Phobia
Fields Of The NephilimAnd There Will Your Heart Be Also
Still Patient?Anavryn II
Hell-O-MaticLove Suxx
BlutengelHoly Blood
Lolita KomplexThe Great Deception
Golden ApesThe Sea Inside
SentencedHer Last 5 Minutes
The CureLullaby