2016-01-08 Gothic Side Of Metal

SireniaLithium And A LoverAn Elixir For Existence
BrotherhoodLostTurn the Gold to Chrome
Damnation AngelsRebornBringer Of Light
Eclipse Sol-AirSchizophiliaSchizophilia
EnvinyaInner SilenceInner Silence
Eternal Tears of SorrowDance Of DecemberLaivon Lapsi
Gates of DawnThe Silence Makes You ScreamSepia
DemoncastBitchLivewire (EP)
Golden ApesWhite DaysRiot
Letzte InstanzVon Anfang anEwig
Liv KristineVanilla Skin DelightLibertine
MegaherzGegen den WindZombieland
Helalyn FlowersWhite Me In Black Me OutWhite Me In / Black Me Out
TiamatRadiant StarThe Scarred People
MoonspellA Greater DarknessOmega White
Paradise LostThe Glorious EndTragic Idol
Krystal SystemParasitesRage
Lovelorn DollsSave Me From MyselfThe House Of Wonders
Midnight CaineHeavy HeartMirrors
Mirrored In SecrecyEverything I HateDay Of Renewal
Silent ScreamSpirit InvocationPublic Execution
The Murder Of My SweetArmageddonBye Bye Lullaby
To/Die/ForRaving HeartsSamsara
Trail Of TearsScream Out LoudOscillation
Visions Of AtlantisHypnotizedEthera