2015-12-22 MiXeD zOnE

My Black LightDrugs
Swallow The SunThe Heart Of A Cold White Land
Chelsea WolfeIron Moon
The Man-Eating TreeFlatline
WeakJede Nacht
LacrimosaDie unbekannte Farbe
Fallen AriseMy Last Breath
Astorian StigmataAffter The Broken Glass
ElferyaGhost Of Mary
The Man-Eating TreeThe Divided
Swallow The SunBefore The Summer Sies
demistGeneration Gray
Hell-O-MaticBad Dog
Red Sun RevivalFour Walls
The House Of UsherFamous Last Words
Mirror MorionisOfftime
New Years DayYou Ghost
Weeping SilenceGothic Epitaph
Swallow The SunSongs From The North
The Man-Eating TreeObsidian
Dawn Of ObliviionMy Nihilistic Dream
Lolita KomplexHarlequin Parade
Circus Of FoolsWalking The Fine Line
No Use For A NameA Fairytale Of New York