2012-11-01 Gothic Rock

AnathemaThe Beginning And The End
DelainNot Enough
End of GreenNice Day To Die
LeichenwetterRomanze zur Nacht
StaubkindKleiner Engel
Lake of TearsU.N.S.A.N.E.
DarkseedBlack Throne
DraconianSeasons Apart
Dreadful ShadowsOver The Worst
Love Like BloodShed Your Skin
EntwineDying Moan
LahannyaNever Enough
MoonspellFull Moon Madness
Paradise LostIn Truth
Lacrimas ProfundereMy Mescaline
Dark TribeChildren Of Forgotten Times
EvereveFields Of Ashes
Flowing TearsUnder The Red
Lacuna CoilMy Spirit
SireniaThe Seventh Summer
TiamatWinter Dawn
PoisonblackThe Last Song