2011-04-24 Metalfrühstück

AcceptFast As A Shark
30 Seconds to MarsSearch And Destroy
AFIOkay, I Feel Better Now
8 Point RoseOut Of The Shadows
9BlindMy Heart Bleeds
Ten Masked MenBlue
EquilibriumDie Prophezeiung
Advocatus DiaboliSeelensplitter
After ForeverCry With A Smile
AkreaBis zum Ende der Welt
AdversusDie Nihilistenhymne
All That RemainsFaithless
AirbourneStand Up For Rock 'n' Roll
EdguyTears Of A Mandrake
AnsoticcaTears Of A Clown
All EndsStupid People
Arch EnemyTears Of The Dead
Amon AmarthNo Fear For The SettingSun
AmorphisFrom Earth I Rose
StratovariusTears Of Ice
LaymentTears Of Regret
Freedom CallTears Of Babylon
AngraAwake From Darkness
Astral DoorsMetal DJ