2010-10-13 Metallurgie

KataklysmA Soulless God
Darkened Nocturn SlaughtercultKataklysm
AtreyuSong For The Optimists
AinaNaschtok Is Born
Amon AmarthValkyries Ride
An Autumn For Crippled ChildrenGhost Lig
Annotations Of An AutopsyEmptines
Arch EnemyDay You Died
Before The DawnDying Sun
BloodbathDevouring The Feeble
ArtasI Am Your Judgement Day
Bolt ThrowerAt First Light
CalibanAnother Cold Day
Carpathian ForestCold Murderous Music
ChimairaSecrets of The Dead
CatameniaBlood Trails
ConvergeSlave Driver
Cryptic WintermoonThrashomatic Overdrive
Death AngelDisturbing The Peace
DemonicaDemon Class
DestructionNailed To The Cross
DevildriverJust Run
Dying FetusHopeless Insurrection
DraconianThe Cry Of Silence