2010-10-07 Metallurgie

CallejonGott ist tot
A Place To Bury StrangesExploding He
AdagioFear Circus
All Shall PerishEradication
Arch EnemyEnd Of The Line
DevildriverDriving Down The Darkness
An Autumn For Crippled ChildrenIn Moonli
CalibanLife Is Too Short
ArchitectsOne Of These Day
Agnostic FrontGotta Go
Death AngelEx tc
End Of GreenGhostdanc
BaronessBullhead's Lament
LaymentBurning Candle
MetallicaAll Nightmare Long
KreatorExtreme Agression
BeseechA Bittersweet Tragedy
ArtasFick das Fett
Sub Dub MicromachineJahrhundertständer
Cannibal CorpseMake Them Suffer
KrypteriaMy Fatal Kis
Annotations Of An AutopsyPortrait Of S
Carpathian ForestThe Old House On The
Darkened Nocturn SlaughtercultThe De
CatameniaAngry Again
Amon AmarthAsator
ChimairaComing Alive
Michelle DarknessThe Sound Of Silence