2010-09-16 Metallurgie

EntwineBlood Of Your Soul
PoisonblackSoul In Flames
MortemiaThe Candle At The Tunnel's En
SireniaMeridian (acoustic)
CoronatusDer vierte Reiter
EquilibriumDer Wassermann
StaubkindEin Traum der nie vergeht
ZeraphineOut of Sigh
Lord Of The LostNothing Words Can Say
DraconianDaylight Misery
The Vision BleakA Romance With The Grav
AnathemaA Fine Day To Exit
BeseechEverytime I Die
Adorned BroodSons of The Damned
ElisWarrior's Tale
Black MessiahThe Vanir Tribe
Virgin BlackAnd The Kiss of God's Mout
Fields Of The NephilimStraight To The L
Bran BarrRevelation
End of GreenSleep