2010-06-09 Metallurgie

Dew-ScentedActs Of Rage
36 CrazyfistsI'll Go Until My Heart Stops
AdagioThe Astral Pathway
AinaNaschtok Is Born
Amon AmarthFriends Of The Suncross
HammerfallRiders Of The Storm
Artas Barbossa
My Dying BrideFor My Fallen Angel
Annotations Of An AutopsyEmptiness
AtreyuUntitled Finale
AutumnblazeI Had To Burn This Fucking
BaronessWar, Wisdom and Rhyme
Barren EarthOur Twilight
Before The DawnMonsters
Bison B.C.Take The Next Exit
BloodbathAt The Behest Of Their Death
Bolt ThrowerWhenn Cannons Fade
Bran BarrProfediez
Annotations Of An AutopsyBorn Dead
Death AngelLord Of Hate
Dark TranquillityThere In (Live)
Carach AngrenThe Sighting Is A Portent
CallibanMy Time Has Come