2010-03-14 Metallurgie

AcceptFast As A Shark
36 CrazyfistsDestroy The Map
AdagioThe Astral Pathway
AhmaDyed Red
AinaSilver Maiden
All Shall PerishEradication
All That RemainsTwo Weeks
Amon AmarthCry Of The Black Birds
Annotations Of An AutopsyEmptiness
Arch EnemyBeast Of Man
ArchitectsIn Elegance
ArkaeaGone Tomorrow
As I Lay DyingElegy
Before The DawnSavior
Beloved EnemyLorraine
Dark TranqullityMind Matters
BloodbathDevouring The Feeble
Cryptic WintermoonSynthetic God
Bolt ThrowerThe Killchain
Rotting Christ...Pir Threontai
Bullet For My ValentineCries In Vain
ChimairaComing Alive
CalibanIt's Our Burden To Bleed
CandlemassDead Angel
Cannibal CorpseMake Them Suffer
Children Of BodomSilent Scream
Carathian ForestOne With The Earth