2009-09-13 Achterbahn

After ForeverWho I Am
AhabO Father Sea
Alter BridgeWatch Your Words
Amon AmarthEmbrace Of The Endless
myGRAINTranslucent Dreams
DementiSchwarze Lieder
UntotenHerz der Finsternis
AmorphisFrom The Heaven Of My Heart
VolbeatHealing Subconsciously
ApocalypticaComa (Live)
HasenscheißeDie nackte Elfe
The PussybatsDance With The Devils
[die!]Für immer
Subway To SallyMeine Seele brennt
WinterbornBlack Rain
SylosisBlackest Skyline
The Kingdom Of SteelBlood Of My Ene
SabatonNuclear Attack
Stone SourThrough Glass
VNV NationWhere There Is Light
TriviumDying In Your Arms
Theatre Of TragedySilence
Timo TolkkiSilence Of The Night