2009-04-30 Metal Age

AcceptFast As A Shark
All Shall ParishEradication
As I Lay DyingBehind Me Lies Another
Amon AmarthWhre Is Your God?
Arch EnemyMy Apocalypse
ArchitectsFollow The Water
ArtasThrough Dark Gates
BloodbathAt The Behest Of Their Death
Bullet For My ValentineTake It Out On Me
CallejonTanz der Teufel
Cannibal CorpseNothing Left To Mutilate
Carpathian ForrestThe Frostbitten Woo
CataractPost Mortem
CalibanStorm Of Rage
DarkmoonI Am The End
DiabloTrail Of Kings
DisparagedThe Evil One
SilversteinA Great Fire
LionheartThis Is Who I Am
EktomorfAmbush In The Night
HatebreedSuicidal Maniac
We Came As RomansDreams
Walls Of JerichoNo Saving Me
UnearthThe March