2009-04-01 Metallurgie

Amon AmarthTattered Banners And Blo
Arch EnemyDay You Died
Backyard BabiesFuck Off And Die
OpethIsolation Years
BeseechEverytime I Die
OpethBeneath The Mire
BloodbathDrink From The Cup Of Heresy
Amon AmarthTwilight Of The Thunder God
CandlemassBorn In A Tank
Dark TranquillityTerminus
In FlamesOnly For A Weak
DragonlandOld House On The Hill Chapt
Sonic SyndicateRed Eyed Friend
Olli Schulz und der Hund MarieAffenbaer
CandlemessDevil Seed
Cult Of LunaTo Be Remembered
SoilworkStabbing The Drama
SabatonWe Burn
FalconerSpirit Of The Hawk
PainGeneration X
Tad MoroseTime Of No Sun
DismemberCombat Fatigue
DraconianThe Dying