2009-02-25 Metallurgie

Bullet for My ValentineForever and Al
Fire in the AtticThere's a Leak!
Funeral for a FriendConstant Resurrect
All That RemainsBelieve in Nothing
ArchitectsDead March
As I Lay DyingThis is Who We Are
AtreyuLip Gloss and Black
Avenged SevenfoldI Won't See You Tonight
Bleeding ThroughLove In Slow Motion
Blessed By A Broken HeartShe's Dang
BoodsimpleBlood in Blood out
CalibanIt's Our Burden to Bleed
CataqractDenial of Life
ChimairaInside the Horror
Demon HunterI Play Dead
30 Seconds To MarsFrom Yesterday
Fear My ThoughtsThe Blind Walk Over
AmorphisBlack Embrace
Dimmu BorgirBlood Hunger Doctrine
SireniaWinterborn 77
TiamatDeeper Kind of Slumber
Bullet For My ValentineSay Goodnight