2009-02-01 Metalnight Teil 2

Sub Dub MicromachineLegoland brennt
Backyard BabiesVoodoo Love Born
BattleloreGreen Dragon
Before the DawnHide Me
Black Stone CherryThe Bitter End
Cradle of FilthNymphetamine
BohrerAsk Yourself
Chrome DivisionSerial Killer
Bullet for My ValentineEye of the Storm
Blessed by a Broken HeartShow Me W
Ten Masked MenDiamonds Are Forever
ManowarWarriors of the World United
CallejonTanz der Teufel
Children of BodomHellhounds on My Trail
My Chemical RomanceThis Is the Best
Dew-ScentedThat's Why I Despise You
DopeToday Is the Day
Drowning PoolDuet
KorpiklaaniKeep On Galloping
EdguySex Fire Religion
EktomorfI Confront My Enemy
WhitesnakeLove Ain't No Stranger
Fear My ThoughtsThe Haunted
FilterYou Walk Away
FromAutumn to AshesEverything I Need
GotthardMake My Day
Heaven Shall BurnLike A Thousand Su