2008-12-23 Metallurgie

Ad Vitam AeternamLes Meandres De L'ameAbstract Senses
AdmirabilisBack Where I BelongAbove & Beyond
Anubis GateThe Final OvertureAndromeda Unchained
ArkonaMarenaDecade of Glory
Betrayed By LifeUncertain MomentsBetrayed by Life
Celtic LegacyFor EvermoreGuardian Of Eternity
Within TemptationAll I NeedThe Heart Of Everything
DelainNo ComplianceLucidity
EluveitieOf Fire, Wind & WisdomSpirit
DoomswordShores of VinlandResound the Horn
DragonforceThe Flame Of YouthInhuman Rampage
FinntrollTrollhammarenNattfödd#Trollhammaren EP
DoomshineWhere Nothing Hurts But SolitudeThy Kingdoom Come
Within Temptation feat. Keith CaputoWhat Have You DoneThe Heart Of Everything
EdenbridgeThin Red LineThe Grand Design
EinherjerDreamstormDragons of the North XX
ElanePaperboat & SilverkiteThe Silver Falls
ElvenkingA Riddle of StarsThe Scythe
EpicaMother Of Light (A New Age Dawns 2)Consign To Oblivion
Amon AmarthRunes to my MemoryWith Oden on Our Side
The Final SeasonThe Final SeasonContrasts